Easy to Use

WYSIWYG editor interface, intuitive 3D scene editing, drag & drop importing, and easy library organization with tags.


Effortlessly define the behavior of your objects. Components empower you to write modular, reusable code.

Fast Iteration

Extremely fast script compile times, powerful nested archetypes, and a versatile event system. Your time is important.

Lightweight Objects

Incredibly efficient object creation and destruction. Never worry about object pooling.


Script up your own editor tools, editor commands, UI, rendering pipeline, and more.

C++ Plugins

Whether it's a library that you want to use or you need to do some heavy lifting for performance reasons, C++ can always get the job done.

Zero Engine Launcher

The launcher makes it easy and painless to install multiple builds of the engine and update which build a project uses. View release notes of new builds and install them whenever you're ready. You can download the launcher here.

Customize & Extend

Zero Engine is developed with the understanding that you can't predict everything that could ever be made. Instead, our purpose is to make everything possible with core features that are fundamentally customizable and an overall architecture that is meant to be extended.

Zilch Scripting

Use Zilch to program and customize game scripts, editor tools and commands, and even your shaders. All of that, done in an integrated text editor equipped with full code completion and inline tooltips from documentation.

Learn more about the Zero Engine

What's the story?

Zero Engine began in 2010 at DigiPen Institute of Technology as a research project to enhance expertise in teaching engine development to students. As the engine scaled, the team became comprised of more alumni, bringing with them additional engineering experience from Microsoft, ArenaNet, Monolith, Blizzard, Amazon, and Sucker Punch. Many members of the Zero Engine team are now instructors or are otherwise involved in DigiPen's curriculum. To the team, the number zero represented that the engine was made from zero — from scratch — and that it can be used to make anything. The engine's motto became: Make Everything.

What's so special about Zero?

Every major part of the Zero Engine's source code is developed entirely in house, including its graphics, physics, audio, networking, and even its scripting language. As a result, every part of the engine was designed together holistically. This means more streamlined development, faster build times, and faster iteration cycles for developers. Additionally, with complete access to source code, developers can further customize absolutely every aspect of the engine.

What kind of user support is offered?

We have extensive documentation that is always under development. We also have a general questions and answers site, an intergrated bug report system, and user support chat channels.